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Benefits that Reward a Passion for Excellence

We recognize the fact that it takes world-class people to make world-class games. Therefore, EA offers a compensation package that attracts and retains the best people in the industry and inspires everyone to achieve at the highest level.

The following list provides an overview of EA Benefits (please note that some of the items listed below may differ from location to location).

BASIC SALARY Each position within EA is evaluated and assigned a competitive salary level based on job responsibilities. Salary levels for positions take into account the skills and education required to do the job, the demand for those skills and education required in the local job market, and the compensation for comparable jobs both inside and outside the company. Salary ranges are reviewed annually to maintain a competitive position within our industry to ensure you stay motivated and are rewarded for your hard work.
BONUS PLAN Under our current bonus plan each employee who is exempt from overtime is eligible for an annual bonus, the total of which is based on EA's financial performance and your own personal achievement against objectives. High performers are rewarded with bigger bonuses.
RESTRICTED STOCK UNITS (RSU's) EA believes that all employees should own a piece of the company and share in its success. EA shares were first listed in September 1989 and its stock is traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the symbol "ERTS." Nearly all new employees receive Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), which vest over a four-year period from your hire date. The number of RSUs you receive depends on the grade of your position.
SPOT STOCK AWARDS Employees can be nominated for and receive a Spot Stock Award for outstanding performance on a specific project or a spark of initiative. This reward results in an allocation of stock which is yours outright.
STOCK PURCHASE PLAN (ESPP) All EA employees are eligible to participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). This plan allows employees to purchase EA common shares at a discount of at least 15 percent of the current market price.
COMPANY CAR OR CAR CASH ALLOWANCE At some EA locations, we offer a company car or cash alternative. The value of this benefit and its eligibility depends on the grade of your position.
HEALTHCARE COVERAGE All permanent employees along with their spouse (or common-law partner) and children are eligible for membership in the Company's Healthcare Plan, as well as the National Dental Plan. EA also provides vision care assistance or eye care vouchers depending on location.
EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME If you or a family member needs assistance balancing life's demands, the company provides access to confidential counseling on a wide range of personal and work-related issues and legal advice.
LIFE INSURANCE Your designated beneficiaries would receive a lump sum in the unfortunate event of your death from accident or illness. The amount is determined as a set multiplier of your annual basic salary (the figure varies geographically).
INCOME PROTECTION If you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to disability, you will receive a set percentage of your basic salary as income replacement (the actual percentage varies by location).
BUSINESS TRAVEL ACCIDENT INSURANCE Employees receive additional life and accident insurance while traveling on EA business.
TRAVELLERS MEDICAL & SECURITY ASSISTANCE EA provides this program to all regular employees to offer an extra measure of security for employees traveling for business or pleasure. Our worldwide medical and security assistance provider assists travelers with a wide variety of pre-travel and destination services, including locating a medical provider and assisting with the loss of travel documents.
MEDICAL BENEFITS ABROAD When traveling outside of your country, you are provided with Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA) insurance. You'll receive coverage for a specified amount in medical expenses related to the treatment of an illness that occurs outside of your home country (varies geographically).
RETIREMENT SAVINGS / PENSION For US employees, the SaveNow 401(k) provides a great opportunity to save money for important financial goals, such as retirement. Employees can save between 1% and 50% of their annual basic salary on a pre-tax basis up to the annual IRS limit.
UK employees can save for retirement by setting aside 2%, 3% or 5% of their annual salary. Depending on the individual contribution level, EA will also contribute between 3% and 7% of your annual salary to your retirement fund.
PAID HOLIDAYS Time away from work to relax, spend time with your family, and pursue special interests is important to everyone. Each EA employee is awarded a set number of fully paid days off for holidays each year (exact days vary geographically).
LEAVE OF ABSENCE EA supports employees who need to take a leave of absence for medical, personal, or family reasons, as well as other certain situations. Some types of leave will provide you with continuing income, while other absences are unpaid. Here's a summary of the types of leave that may be available to you if you meet the eligibility criteria (Medical & Family Leave, Medical Disability Leave, EA New Parent Leave, Personal Leave, Military Leave, Jury Duty, and Bereavement Leave.) Types of leave vary geographically.
EDUCATION ASSISTANCE EA encourages employees to increase their knowledge and skills through continuing education by reimbursing part of approved courses of study. This program covers courses or degree programs which are directly related to your current position and/or prepare you for advancement at EA.
EA GAME POINTS EA employees receive points each year that they can use to purchase FREE EA games through the company store. The store also sells EA and affiliated label products at a significant discount to EA employees. Points vary depending on location.
CHILDCARE Some designated EA offices offer child daycare onsite. Also varying from location to location, EA supports childcare through other channels as well, such as childcare vouchers and the Back-Up Child Care program (USA). In addition, and likewise depending on location, EA provides financial assistance for adoption. This program provides assistance towards agency placement fees, court costs, and legal fees associated with adoption.
EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT PROGRAM EA employees have the opportunity for special discounts from a range of companies for the purchase of items for personal use, including computer hardware and software, services, books, music, and much more. Suppliers vary across locations.
EMPLOYEE TRAINING EA is committed to individual development at all levels of the organization. To promote personal career development we encourage employees to participate in training opportunities offered both internally through EA University and outside the company.
GYM & OTHER SPORTS FACILITIES Many of our locations feature fully-equipped gyms that you can use 24/7 and free of charge. These gyms are furnished with weights, bicycles, running, rowing, and step machines, and more. In addition, several EA locations have outdoor sports fields and courts for soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and more. If a location does not have an onsite gym, they may provide financial support towards a local gym.
EA RESTAURANT & COFFEE BARS Many EA locations have a restaurant with healthy, fresh food at discounted prices. In addition, many of our facilities feature a coffee bar serving specialty coffees and teas, smoothies, fresh juices, cakes, and paninis.
EA OUTREACH EA gives back to the community in many ways. For example, the company offers a matching gift program for charitable contributions by employees. In addition, EA sponsors and/or organizes many great volunteer events throughout the year. And, of course, the company donates games and game systems to many worthy local organizations. Some EA locations have charitable plans that offer paid time off to help good causes.
NOW THAT'S A SWEET DEAL Because EA partners with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business, we score access to special events, such as private screenings of blockbuster movies prior to general public viewing.