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Graduates: The Future of EA

Lead Our Next Generation

To make the best games in the world, we need to attract and retain the best creative talent in the world. Graduates are the very lifeblood of EA. A graduate's passion, eagerness to learn and hunger to challenge the status quo drives our company forward. That's why we are committed to ensuring graduates not only benefit from great compensation and benefits but more importantly are provided with opportunities for career growth and progression, backed by strong training and development programmes. At EA a graduate is more than an employee, a graduate is one of our Next Generation of leaders.

EA Supporting Students

Graduates are the future of our company. We are committed to growing our graduates inside EA and ensuring they become our future leaders. Explore some of our latest programs and activities just for students.

Interns and Co-Ops

Love to work in games in your summer vacation? Want to get your name in a games credits? Click here to learn more about EA's annual internship (in the USA) and co-op (in Canada) programs where you get to fulfill important work on a live game team and get paid.

New Graduates

Just graduated? Ready for a challenge? Want to work on the world's best interactive entertainment? Click here to read about how your skills can best be maximized with a career at EA.


Ever considered a career in games after graduating? Click here to have an insight into how EA's current graduates have progressed and their views of working in games.