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I thought EA have a good process, technology and standard of game development. I really want to experience these advanced things so I desired to join EA.

I'm thinking my job has a lot of opportunities in the future because game development is a growing industry. Basically it is the job makes people happy.

I work as a game software engineer in EA Korea Studio. I'm currently working on an online game called NBA Street Online. The main task what I do is adding and fixing game play logics. For example, to make a new skill "Rebound", I connect new rebound animation to previous animation set which is generated from Artists and write mathematical formulas to calculate player's trajectory. Another important thing is improving graphical scenes such as optimizing rendering pipeline, reducing shader instructions and adding a shader for a new material.

Day-to-day it can be successful and frustrating. It can also be a lot of fun and very rewarding. If I have to say one thing, It seems that I've become God when I implement above things in source code.

Every morning meeting, tasks will be assigned each SEs ratioinally. If they need more technical information, we can easily search at EA Tech. Everything is in my hands!

I attended the Ajou University where I received bachelor's degree of computer science. I'm interested in computer graphics and mathematics so I focused on these courses.

At this monent what I think about my future is to be a specialist as rendering engineer and then to be a technical director after get more experience.

I'd been playing Ultima Online all day when I was a child. It is the most interesting game I've ever played. (At this moment, EA and Origin was separated) I also love Need for Speed Series, especially "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit"