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EA offers me the opportunity to grow. It also offers me the type of job that I am looking for creative/technical one.

Most interesting/Exciting way to make use of computer programming.

Development Director. Manager of a game development team. Manage process, planning, schedule, strategy within EA and with external partners. Launch online games in multiple territories.

Making exciting and fun products instead of traditional ones. It is a creative and technical job. Hard to find such jobs.

Emails. Tracking development progress. Keeping all stakeholders calm. Playing/QA the game. Constantly thinking of ways to improve process and efficiencies and how to make the game more interesting and successful.

Masters Degree. Computer Science. USA

Launch a game from scratch successfully. Become an excellent mix in both technical and management skills.

When I have enough money, I will record music for a living or be a professional musician.

C+C, FIFA, Starcraft, Counter-strike, Grand theft auto, Rockband. Play basketball and play in a band and record music.