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I started in the QA department at EAC simply because I needed a job.

I didn't know anything about the gaming industry before I joined but I was very interested in games from a young age. The dynamic, driven people and culture attracted me to this job over others I was considering, as well as the creative and entertaining atmosphere.

And what are your main responsibilities? I'm an Assistant Producer at EA Asia Studios. Currently I'm responsible for producing the Front End of an unannounced Online PC title.

Our studio is new and growing so inventing processes and adapting the best practices from the larger studios to ours is great. We use all the good stuff, and fix all the bad stuff. I love being able to travel often, take on new challenges, and learn new skills and languages. The team here is also really diverse, talented, and close, so it provides a perfect atmosphere for productivity and creativity.

EA Singapore is great! There are constantly new challenges, exciting changes, new faces, and heaps of opportunities to grow and stretch as a studio, team, and an individual.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree (Major in Japanese, Minor in Asian Area Studies) from the University of British Columbia in Canada. I'm also trained in sailing and acting.

There are many games I love, but here are a few closest to my heart:

Burgertime, Astrosmash, and Tron: Deadly Discs on Intellivision

Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda, and Bubble Bobble for the NES

Sim City 2000, Diablo 2, Heroes of Might And Magic 3 on PC

I also like the Gran Turismo and FIFA series a lot.