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I had heard great things about EA from some colleagues, but I was blown away by the people and facilities when I came into the studio for the interview. During the interviewing process I also had the chance to learn enough about the people, product and projects to ensure I believed in the vision the company was headed and my role in helping to shape online.

I'm addicted to working in a fast paced and dynamic environment, plus I've always been an advocate for online connectivity in all forms.

Therefore, when I decided to move back to Canada, I had focus on the gaming industry so I could bridge my prior online and software development, and program management experience on a new platform.

The challenge and reward of working with a diverse group of highly talented people on a complex set of products and projects.

It's pretty cool to see all my efforts and those of my team reflected in over 20 skus every year, as well as our EA Sports.com site.

As the Senior Development Director for the Sports Online department, I oversee the development teams responsible for the design, development, integration and support of the EASports.com web site, as well as all the console platform technology and features which are integrated into titles such as Madden, Tiger, NCAA, NHL, NBA, FIFA, etc. Online is an ever changing and highly interdependent environment in terms of technology, process, people and projects. Therefore, I spend a lot of my time collaborating with senior management, game teams and technical leaders to ensure we're implementing the right features/functionality for our customers, and nurturing the talent of our team in the process.

Fun. Challenging. Great services/facilities.

Bachelors from Simon Fraser University, Masters Certification in Project Management from George Washington University, and PMP Certification from PMI.

I'd like to continue to help guide and mentor my team, and all of my partners in terms of pushing towards further innovation in the online arena. In doing so I'd like to see myself advance into the Director of Product Development or even an Executive Producer role as I continue to advance my career along our EA Career Path.

NHL, FIFA, Burnout, Halo, Tiger Woods, Grand Tourismo, Fight Night, UFC, Boom Blox, Tennis, Active, Need For Speed Shift, Mortal Kombat