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I made the decision to join EA for the simple fact that in my opinion, they are the industry leaders. I refer our company as the Team Ferrari of the video game industry. It is a pleasure to be a part of a team that is so focussed and passionate.

Gaming actually chose me. When I was racing, I actually spent 3 hours a day in a simulator training my mental concentration. I have also been playing games since I was 4. It was a perfect marriage as my technical expertise in racing blended very well with my inner gamer.

I love that there is no limit to creativity. I love helping create experiences that millions of people enjoy yearly. It is powerful and inspirational at the same moment. I also love the camaraderie. When you ship a game, you spend a significant amount of time with your team. I have been fortunate to obtain many great friendships in the process.

Currently I am a Producer working on NFS WORLD. I have worked on all the previous NFS titles dating back to Underground 1. I started with EA when I was racing in the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship. EA contracted me to help advance their physics engine for NFS when Hot Pursuit 2 was about to final. 8 years later, here I am!

EA life is a balance of hard work and fun. We push extremely hard each day to innovate and create but we also get a chance to balance this out. There are core hours but people bend and shape them according to their lifestyle. We are all trusted to get out jobs done in our own ways and that is commendable.

Graduated school early to pursue professional racing. Became a pro driver at the age of 17. All my engineering training came from working with engineers 1 on 1 over the 11 years of racing.

My career in racing has given me a taste of high level competition. I try to bring this to the office each day and motivate my team. My future ambitions are to simply keep creating quality products, motivating my team and If I can inspire people in the process, it will be a great journey.

I tend to play a lot of FIFA. We are addicted to that game in the office. I play each and every racing game on the market to stay current with the consumer's demands. Outside of gaming I am a movie nut. I watch one movie per day. I find a significant amount of inspiration in any type of movie.