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Image of Sarah

It was a no-brainer. I was living in Vancouver at the time and everything about the company fascinated me.

When I was fresh out of university I was looking for something fun and rewarding and at the same time I wanted to be in an organization where I could grow both as a person and in my career. Gaming is the perfect combo of passionate people, challenge and fun.

I love watching ideas evolve into great games. I love the day to day interaction within the team and I love being part of something so intensely creative.

Line Producer- Army of Two

I work with the team on a day to day basis making sure everyone has lots to do. I work with the department leads keeping everyone communicating and helping everyone align towards a common goal.

Rewarding, interesting, dynamic, challenging and entertaining.

Bachelor of Arts- Major in Philosophy and Politics- Bishops University Quebec.

First and foremost to keep on making great games with great teams. I love being a producer and I want to continue to grow into a more senior producer role.

Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Half Life, I love the NHL franchise, Mario64 and Super Mario 2, Resident Evil