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Within gaming industry EA is by far the most professional company. Not only with highest standards on product quality, but also with professional business intelligence and the strong will to be best in class with concepts which often comp. does not have :) ...more than one reason to join this crazy company

I used to work 10 years for 3M - high developed, mature old economy business. What drives me to join this industry especially EA was the enthusiasm about products and incredible creative people that's truly differentiate gaming industry from all other industries.

Sales Director Germany / Austria

Speed, people, products, quick decisions, creativity, fun, our office @ Rhine front in Cologne

Every day's new challenges keep you young and fresh

University Degree / Economics

My current job is what I truly want to do, but of course if there are options inside EA to took further responsibilities for national or international Sales projects I would love to be a part of it !

Need for Speed Shift, Left for Dead 1+2, Uncharted 1+2, Rockband (w.o.Beatles), Battlefield Bad Company 1+2