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Computational Media at Georgia Tech

I'm a combat designer on Dante's Inferno, and I make sure our enemies are nasty, awesome, and fun to fight!

Working with super talented people from all sorts of backgrounds to create epic gameplay experiences, seeing my work impact the game on a daily basis, and watching players have a blast playing the game.

Digital games are a triumphant blend of technology and art, and I wanted to be on the forefront of crafting my favorite medium.

I had two stellar internship experiences in college, so I already knew first hand that EA would be a great place for me to learn, succeed, and rock out.

A casual and fun work environment where artsy, technical, and planning types use their wits, skills, and resources to make the best games possible. Also, there is a fantastic gym.

Coming into work and seeing the soccer field emblazoned with a giant Cobra symbol from G.I. Joe, then hearing the old cartoon's PSAs playing as I walked up the stairs to my desk. My inner eight year old was grinning ear-to-ear for a week!

I'd love to be design lead on an EA game exploring new spaces in gameplay and content delivery.

The guy in the car in Sega's Outrun, because he gets to fly down incredible highways as fast as he can in a souped-up Ferrari with the wind in his hair, crystal blue skies above, rock and roll radio blasting, and a gorgeous girl next to him. I get pretty close living out here in California, but all I've got is a Civic and I've got to obey traffic laws.

My advice alliterates around the letter "p." Have passion for game development, a personality that makes teamwork enjoyable, and a portfolio full of projects that prove your potential!