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I did my grad school at the Great Northern Way Campus here in Vancouver. It was a 20 month Masters program designed to teach and get you acquainted with the best of both business and technical side of things within the purview of films and games development, or interactive media in general. During the course of the program I also interned at EAC working on the FIFA09 Next Gen title as a Co-Op Software Engineer.

Following my graduation, I was hired on full time at EAC on the FIFA World Cup 2010 (Next Gen) as a Presentation & Rendering SE (Software Engineer).

As much as I loved playing video games much like any other kid, it's the sheer complexity in developing them that drew me toward games development. Game software framework or intricate systems have always fascinated me - the grandiose thought of putting together several different components in math, physics, audio engineering, storytelling, robotics, rendering, and so on, culminating to provide an unique experience.

Working in a competitive space and being among the best in anything that I do has always helped me learn and bring the best out of myself, and EA is one of those places that gives me exactly what I want in that respect.

We are at an interesting stage in the progression/maturity of this industry. A large part of my future ambitions revolve around me being able to play a satisfying role in the key transformations during the evolution of the games industry. Being a part of one of the largest video game franchises helps me realize the magnitude of effort it takes to actively encourage change while retaining and improving working existing processes.