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Undergrad: Carnegie Mellon, BFA Electronic Media: I worked on projects ranging from kinetic sculpture to HMD virtual reality. While there I worked with Randy Pausch in his Stage 3 Research Group as a 3D artist.

Grad: Arizona State U. MFA Digital Technology: My grad work focused on experiential, embodied media about metaphor and idiomatic aspects of language. Most of my art was collaborative, interactive, and in digital form. I also led game design camps for teens with my grad research group.

Assistant Producer on Features for Pogo: I lead design and production on apps that enhance the games and community aspects on the site, I also help designers by making Flash prototypes of new Pogo features before they go to engineering

I love that it is multi-faceted and integrates design, writing, art, web dev and a little engineering, I love working with interdisciplinary teams of people and coming up with solutions to hard problems collaboratively

Now that games are pervasive in social media, they can take on so many interesting and collaborative forms. It is the best time to work in the casual games industry!

I loved the people I worked with during my internship and the fact they trusted me to take on all sorts of challenges, it made me want to come back, plus the projects were really fun

I go to a lot of meetings and brainstorming sessions during the day. I always attend any fun EA-wide event, like the BBQs and activities for game releases. It can be fast-paced but the breadth of types projects I have keeps me excited

We have a Rascal here on the 8th floor of 209, just for fun. It is one of those little mobile carts people use to get around. One day the Art Director was trying it out, and she nearly ran me over. It was hilarious.

I would love to someday be in a Creative Director role that supports making decisions about the direction of casual games and their social, viral and collaborative impact.

Carmen Sandiego, I always loved her trench coat.

Always: Play, read, write, create. Also: Never lose passion.