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Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University


Redwood Shores

I remember when I was a kid, playing video games and sometimes when it wouldn't work, I took the cartridge out, blow in it and that would magically fix the problem! Since that time, I wanted to explore this virtual world. The first name that comes to my mind while thinking of video games is EA since I am a big sports games fan. EA's culture that facilitates learning and innovation attracted me greatly towards it. This is exactly the environment I wanted to work in! On my day one at EA, I felt like I was working there for years! Without any doubt, the three months at EA was the best experience of my life during which I not only developed my business skills but made lifelong friends. My internship experience was everything I thought that it would be, and more.

I worked on two critical projects that will have significant impact on the company.

1) I designed a collaboration platform very similar to Facebook, in order to facilitate knowledge sharing & innovation and enhance employee productivity.

2) I also did creative marketing banners for Pogo to create awareness and promote the Mini (Avatar) feature among the users.

I loved the guest speaker sessions at EA as it was great to get advice from the professionals in the business field. I got couple of very important learnings out of these sessions that I am going to remember throughout my life.

"Life isn't entirely fair all the time. But, it's still good. So, if you feel unfairly treated or some things just don't work out, get over it and move forward."

"Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about. And quite likely if you knew you would avoid the comparison. Yours is yours, Cherish it!"

My ambition is to work for a hi-tech global company in an environment where I can challenge my limits continuously, take on additional responsibilities, contribute as much of value as I can, and achieve both intellectual and career growth.

There is nothing that I want to change about the awesome work culture at EA but if I were the CEO for a day, I would have a "Bring Your Dog" to work day. Dogs need to know what their owners are doing all day.

If I were a video game character, I would be 'Roger Federer' in EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis. He is the best player ever in the history of Tennis and has the ability to conquer the best in the world from all ages. Like him, I am also a calm and composed leader, and persistently work hard to achieve my goals.

Interactive Entertainment (aka video games) is a highly competitive industry, and you really need to possess high energy and creative thinking skills in order to excel in this charismatic consumer focussed industry.