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Georgia Tech

B.S. in Computational Media

EA Redwood Shores (Now Visceral Games), and EA Los Angeles.

The experience of being an intern at EA is so much in addition to working on a game. The speaker series, having a mentor, and going to intern socials is invaluable for networking. It's also a lot of fun! That certainly helps!

I was a technical designer on the venue team on Godfather II and now I am working on an unannounced title at EALA.

Take ownership over what you're doing, and always do your best so you can be proud of your work. Always be networking. And, most importantly, have fun!

I've set a goal to always be learning and expanding my skill set. I hope to move up through the levels of design while improving my knowledge of software and leadership.

Install soft serve ice cream machines on every floor of every studio.

I would be Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Go wherever and do whatever I want to in the galaxy? Yes please!

If you want to make games, make games! The best way to break into the industry is to have a portfolio of polished projects. Also, practice the particular aspect of game development you want to pursue, for example: if you want to be a designer, get every map editor you can get your hands on and make some polished maps.