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EA asked. I originally thought a friend was playing a joke on me when I got the phone call. Fortunately the recruiter called back. :)

There are two professions most men want. Professional athlete or being paid to play and make video games. I am fortunate that I have one of the two. I've been studying everything about gaming since programming on the Vic 20 and the Apple IIe. It's all I've wanted to do.

Producer Ultima Online - Interact with community, set high-level goals and vision for Ultima Online, clear roadblocks which allows my team to get its jobs done.

That I have this career. A job is what pays the bills a career is what gets you out of bed and makes your degree seem worthwhile. It seems like all I've done to this point has prepared me for right where I am now, so in a way that makes it extremely fulfilling. More specifically, I am responsible for a game players love and who are dedicated to. That doesn't suck.

Well at Mythic it's more like a family you work with, than an actual place of business. Sure we have milestones and all that, but it's an environment where you know who has touched what in the game. When I see an effect, or a bit of design I know personally how it all came to be. Having that kind of connection, keeps you from hitting the snooze alarm too many times on a Monday. You look forward to seeing what everyone will bring the next day.

Bach. Sci. United States Air Force Academy (English Major)

Eventually I'd like to remake Crusader: No Remorse. Ultimately, I'd like to get into games that educate and entertain. A light client that allowed kids between 6-10 to have an MMO-like experience seems like a great way to capture a market that WILL exist. Nintendo is good at that. I think EA should be able to pull that off too.

Right now: NFS: Shift. Love love love this game! They caught the essence of the old NFS with the right balance of sim and arcade. UO on the weekends, when I can lounge and just escape. I JUST got into Battleforge. When I have time I'll get to the new Batman. Other than that I am relearning C# and XNA.