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EA Bioware has a reputation for delivering excellent storytelling in their RPG games. They are consistently setting the bar for gameplay and cinematics. I wanted to work for a company that takes great pride in what they do to please their fans.

At first, I wanted to work on 3D animated movies. But after graduating college, I took a great interest in working on next-gen games. I realized that the gaming industry is on set path toward reaching CGI movie standards, and I want to be part of that growing evolution.

My Job brings a lot of excitement to my life. I am always looking forward to being creative and to work with talented people in the gaming industry. Best of all, it's very rewarding to see something you did come to life.

EA has definitely opened new doors and gave me the opportunity to work on great games. I am always learning new things and accomplishing challenging tasks. I do have my good days and bad days, but overall it's been satisfying to develop what first starts as an idea into a game that I enjoy playing.

When I was a kid, my favorite hobbies were drawing cartoons, playing video games, and coming up with great adventures for my G.I.Joe toys. It wasn't until high school I realized I wanted to make a career out of my hobbies. Thanks to my parents, they made it possible for me to attend Art Institute of Houston, where I graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in 3D Animation.

My career ambitions would be to shine in the company, with hard work and having a great personality. I want to have a perfect balance between my work life and personal life. So if you're reading this, my nickname is Kiko, I am a game developer during the day and a ninja by night.

I can't stop playing Team Fortress 2. I enjoy holding a wrench, hitting baseballs, juggling grenades, eating Sandviches, speaking in a Scottish accent, vanishing like a ninja, playing air guitar on my axe, being Uber cool, and of course BOOM! Headshots.