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New engineering management job opportunity for a great game company, how could I refuse?!

I love to play games so that automatically made it interesting and exciting for me to work at EA. I remember playing my first games like Space Invaders and Asteroid on Atari with my family, especially my Dad...good times.

I work in Global Online IT and my team is called the Global Online Platform.

We basically work with the various game teams, Origin and other integrators across EA to define and build centralized identity and eCommerce services.

Our system is code named Nucleus, which includes our Identity, Commerce - Billing, Subscription, Catalog and Code Generation and Redemption services. These systems together make up a platform which is used to empower game studios to build out eCommerce websites and game features that generate revenue directly for their titles.

The people and the games!

Work hard, play hard!

Indiana University, Bloomington - BS in Computers in Business and BA in Japanese

I love my team and being empowered to help EA drive digital revenue. I¿d like to continue to grow my team and their respective careers to create more leaders who will drive the future of EA.

Club Pogo for me (Mahjong Garden is my favorite), Dragon Age Legends, Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled, Zuma (even my Mom loves that game). Between work and kids (I have 3), I don¿t have a lot of time these days to play more engrossing games so I look for quick fixes on Club Pogo as well as on Facebook like Dragon Age Legends. When I do have more time, my husband and I would play ARPGs like Diablo (can¿t wait for Diablo 3). My kids and I also enjoy a 4 way competition of Mario Kart and Rock Band! We love to watch movies together as well. There are so many classics I¿ve been getting out of Netflix to show my oldest (Aliens, Stargate SG-1). What¿s even better is when they take my favourite kid stories (from books, comics or afternoon cartoons) and make a movie of them such as The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Transformers, GI Joe and Captain America!