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EA is full of people who are as committed to making high quality games as I am, and the company develops the type of games that I love to play.

Since unwrapping my Pong machine at the age of 5, I have never stopped playing videogames. It is incredibly fulfilling to be in an industry where I can match my skills with my passion.

It is very empowering to directly impact the creative direction and the overall quality of the games I work on.

I originally joined EA in the Marketing department, but am now a Producer with Visceral Games. I am responsible for a wide variety of game elements, but ultimately I help make sure the team understands the vision for the game, and that people have the assets and information they need to do their jobs.

No two days are the same, and each one is full of challenges. That is where the fun comes in, because I am working with people who are incredibly skilled, and dedicated to making the best possible game. The personalities are so diverse, but everyone is working toward the same goal, and people are rarely too busy to take five minutes to argue the merits of a game, anime series, or comic book.

I received my BSBA in Marketing from Georgetown University.

I have a game in my head that will one day be made. Until then, I'll continue to use my Production experience, while leveraging my Marketing background, to push the quality of our gaming experiences.

Choosing a favorite game from 30 years of playtime is no easy feat. However, the ones that have had the biggest impact on me were Spider Fighter on Atari 2600, Final Fantasy VII (I still miss Aeris), and The Legend of Zelda. When it comes to EA, in my opinion SSX Tricky remains the best game we have ever made. As for other entertainment, seeing movies in the theatre on opening night, reading Science Fiction, and finding great new music all top my list.