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EA Sports



Without question, EA SPORTS is the most widely recognized sports brand in interactive entertainment. The EA SPORTS label brings together a wide collection of sports-based video games marketed under the EA SPORTS brand. EA SPORTS games range from simulated sports titles with realistic graphics based on real-world sports leagues, players, events and venues to more casual games with arcade-style gameplay and graphics. We seek to release new iterations of many of our EA SPORTS titles on a regular basis (often annually), in connection with the commencement of a sports league's season or a major sporting event when appropriate. Our EA SPORTS franchises include FIFA Soccer, Madden NFL Football, Fight Night, NBA Live, NCAA Football, NCAA March Madness, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, NHL Hockey, Grand Slam Tennis, and EA SPORTS Active. Games are developed primarily at our EA Canada (located in Vancouver, Canada) and EA Tiburon studios (located in Orlando, Florida).

In addition to packaged goods games, the EA SPORTS label offers online-only gamers and entertainment. In Korea, EA SPORTS currently offers EA SPORTS FIFA Online , a free-to-play online game in which players may purchase additional in-game content from us (we refer to these consumer purchases of small elements of additional content as "micro-transactions"). We expect to introduce other online games under the EA SPORTS brand in the future. EA SPORTS also seeks to increase its global presence through the introduction of new web-based communities centered on our portfolio of sports games.

In addition to developing the world's best sports games, the EA SPORTS team is looking to further leverage the power of the brand in broadcast sports, sports camps, licensed consumer products, and other sports-related areas. The team has truly ambitious plans for building EA SPORTS into a general sports brand that competes not only with other game companies but also with major sports brands like ESPN and Nike.

Joining the EA SPORTS team provides a tremendous range of challenges and opportunities regardless of your background. You could be designing the latest innovations in established franchises like Madden or FIFA, or you could be working on entirely new sports games altogether. You could be coming up with groundbreaking marketing campaigns for NHL or NBA LIVE? If you're an artist, you could use your skills to create in-game versions of the latest sports venues. As an animator or programmer, you could be assigned to bringing Tiger Woods, Ronaldinho, or other sports superstars to life in the game. Those are just a few examples of the great types of opportunities available on the EA SPORTS team.

The EA SPORTS team is constantly striving to develop the most authentic and immersive sports gaming experiences in the world. If you have a passion for sports, EA SPORTS is the perfect team for you.