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Maxis offers unique and exciting opportunities to work on a diverse range of product development & publishing teams. Maxis includes the much loved Sims as well as one of the largest online casual game communities, Pogo.com. The Label also includes the developer of the world-renowned Harry Potter series and new opportunities in online, console & PC video games with EA Hasbro. Maxis provides great opportunities for developers and marketers to create new IP, work on renowned brands and deliver new game experiences for gamers of any age or gender.

Maxis creates and markets games and experiences that are easily accessible, inspire creativity and fun, and transcend core video game culture into a world of engaging and relevant entertainment for people of all ages. Everyone is the Maxis consumer - from seniors to tots to experienced gamers to those who have never played a game. Maxis includes The Sims Studio, MySims, EA's Hasbro, Maxis and Casual Studios. The Label creates games based on original IP and licensed IP.

The Sims Studio develops and markets life-simulation games and online communities with an emphasis on creativity, community and humor. The Sims has sold over 100 million units world-wide since it was originally launched in 2000. A significant factor in its success has been the regular introduction of expansion pack with new content and gameplay features that can be purchased and used in connection with our core products, The Sims and The Sims 2. The Sims 3 shipped in June 2009 along with an all-new online store and new community features. In addition to expansion packs, the Sims Studio also developed several console products, most notably MySims┬┐ -- a newly created franchise for the Wii and Nintendo DS - and SimAnimals on the Wii and DS.

In August 2007, EA entered into a strategic relationship with Hasbro through which we can create digital games based on a significant number of Hasbro's classic board games and toys, including MONOPOLY, SCRABBLE (North America only), YAHTZEE, TRIVIAL PURSUIT, NERF, G.I. JOE, and LITTLEST PET SHOP. We continue to develop Hasbro's properties into video games for children, families and create casual game experiences and to publish them across a variety of platforms including mobile handsets, handheld game devices, PCs and across all consoles.

Maxis studios work with internal studios and third party developers that are responsible for console, handheld and PC games geared primarily towards children, families, and other casual games. These games include: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Boom Blox, Boogie SuperStar, Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure and ZUBO as well as several new titles based on well-known Hasbro games and toys.

Joining the Maxis team provides many unique opportunities for career development. Our game developers face complex challenges that focus on accessibility, quick-to-the-fun gameplay, and the creation of simple, but elegant game designs to meet the needs of a diverse audience while maintaining the highest quality standards. World modelers could be tasked with building full-scale Hogwarts in Harry Potter's world. Programmers could be writing code for one of the new EA Hasbro games in development. Game Designers on Pogo or on mobile phone games could be conjuring new game ideas that reach out to people who don't normally consider gaming as a form of entertainment. Working alongside development is a marketing and publishing team made up of the best marketers who are finding ways to reach new audiences and developing strategies for new mediums and business models such as social networking and micro-transactions. With smaller, accessible games in development, a developer or marketer could work on several different games in the course of a year.

Being part of the Maxis team also means having the opportunity to launch games you and your entire family can play. Whatever one's aspirations are, Maxis has great opportunities.