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Hyderabad India

EA SPORTS has recently been stacking its lineup with new full-time and temporary roles in multiple arenas, including studios at Orlando, Florida; Vancouver, Canada; and Romania. We are continuing our growth as we build off of our record breaking launches seen with its hit titles FIFA Soccer 13, Madden NFL 13, NCAA Football 13 and NHL 13. Roles will range in all phases of the game, including Software Engineers, Development Directors, Sr. Designers, Sr. Producers, Animation, UI Development and Scripting, Modeling, Audio Engineering, and Digital Marketing.

During the biggest games and grandest events, EA SPORTS strives to be a leader and innovator on the worldwide stage by delivering an authentic experience for every sports fan both on and off the playing field. EA SPORTS is looking for future All-Stars, MVPs, and champions to join its team, help carry it to victory, and ignite the emotion of sports!

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